Is It Necessary for Dentists to Wear Dental Loupes ?

Dental loupes are the magnifying glasses that dentists wear to enlarge everything that they see in the mouth. There are two basic reasons why these glasses are worn. First and foremost, vision is improved simply because everything in the field of view is so much bigger. Secondly, loupes are worn to allow dentists to have a more “physiologic” posture while working, and thereby minimize the slouching which dentists are historically known to develop.

However,dentists do not wear dental loupes just because they want to or because it is the standard trend of today’s modern dentistry. Wearing a dental loupe is absolutely not for fashion, either. Well, as you see it does not even look good and fashionable. But despite its awkward and robotic effect on the physical look of the wearer, many dentists still choose to use them. There are many reasons why dentists should wear magnification devices such as the loupes.

One reason is connected to ergonomics. Wearing the right dental loupes can help you maintain a healthy posture all throughout the dental procedure you are working on. Because the loupe enables you to see within your working distance, you do not need to bend forward or to hold unnatural or uncomfortable positions for long periods of time just for you to see the oral cavity a bit clearly. This does not only help you maintain a good posture, it likewise helps avoid getting dental hunchback. Aside from that, maintaining healthy posture while performing dental procedures and examinations can help you get rid of back pain, neck fatigue, and shoulder stress, which can cause some serious disorders in the long run.

As an example, I was testing out a new product which was touted to assist in better diagnoses of oral cancer. This system required the wearing of colored lenses used in conjunction with a special light. Using this system, I would be unable to wear my loupes. I first examined a patient using this new system without magnification. And then, put on my loupes and re-examined the patient. There was no comparison between the two examinations. Without magnification, even with the special light effect, much more was visible and apparent with magnification.

One other benefit of dental loupe is that it can help you see the area you are working on more easily, clearly and closely. You do not have to force your eyes to focus on the oral cavity just to see the teeth clearly which can often result in eye-related problems like eyestrain or eye fatigue. Wearing dental loupes do not just enhance your vision, it likewise helps you maintain a healthier eyesight.

Another reason why dentists should wear dental loupes is that they improve your visual acuity. Better vision and proper magnification allow you to easily see more intricate details of the oral cavity. You can be able to see even the slightest and smallest issues in the gums and teeth of your patients which are often missed out when viewed when just the naked eyes. This does not only help you come up with a more accurate assessment of your patients’ dental condition, it likewise makes your job a lot easier and faster which in return can make you become a more efficient, effective, and reliable dentist.

Dental loupes are also very helpful when performing dental surgeries and procedures that require more focus and precision. It can help you improve your performance, enhance the quality of your service, and increase patient satisfaction and confidence.

Bottom end:

If you are a young dentist who wants to pursue a career in dentistry for generations and at the same time maintain not just a good posture but a sound overall health, start wearing the right pair of dental loupes as early as possible.

Nowadays, patients who need dental care would prefer going to a clinic which is fully equipped with more effective, helpful, and topnotch dental equipment, tools, and devices. If you are one of those dentists who still settle with the old and traditional ways, it is about time for you to jump into the modern dentistry arena if you do not want your clinic to shut down in the near future.

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