The Method for Solving the Blocking of Dental Handpiece Central Spindle Water Orifice

As is known,the maintenance of dental handpiece is a serious and important problem for all dentists.If your handpiece can’t offer water uniformly,it may because the central spindle water orifice is blocked.Don’t worry,you could repair it as the following steps:

  1. Disassembling the end cover,get the central spindle out
  2. Taking out the nozzle sweep needle behind the brush,straightly thrusting the needle into the water orifice
  3. The needle should be thrusted to near the top of groove(needle air injuction groove),then please brush the dust of this area by specialized brush
  4. Blowing it down by 3-function sprayer
  5. Please take attention to accurately install the O-type seal ring when you install the central spindle to the handpiece.

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