Ten errors in dental correction

Dental disorder is the heart disease of many people, not only affect the appearance, may also have an impact on health. Orthodontic treatment is the most direct and effective way to solve the problem of tooth irregularities, but many people have a misunderstanding of orthodontics.

Misunderstanding 1: just for the sake of beauty. Many young people corrected to improve their teeth and even look beautiful, but the effect of correction is not limited to this. Most middle-aged people seek corrections for the purpose of health and dental function. Neat teeth more easily cleaned, is conducive to dental and periodontal tissue health, corrected access to the ideal occlusal relationship, improve the chewing function. Perfect correction is healthy, functional, beautiful and long-term stability of the harmonious unity.
Misunderstanding 2: older can not be corrected. Dental movement is the life of the body will exist in the process of bone reconstruction, so the teeth correct all ages. But the problem of different individuals is not the same, the timing of the beginning of correction is not the same. Down to three or four years old children, up to eighty-nine years old, are likely to become the target group of teeth correction. Whether it can be corrected, whether it needs correction, should seek answers from a professional orthodontist.

Misunderstanding 3: teeth will be loose after correction. The teeth themselves can not be a lifetime to stay in place, but in a stable and moving balance. Correction is through the external force to temporarily break the balance, for the teeth “move”. Correction of bone remodeling to bring the physiological movement of teeth, in the process of moving a certain degree of temporary loosening is normal. When the teeth move to a new position, naturally return to balance, re-stabilized.

Misunderstanding 4: orthodontics, old will fall teeth. Many people think that “old age” is a normal physiological phenomenon, it is not true, healthy teeth should be accompanied by life. At present in our country, periodontitis has become the primary cause of tooth loss in adults, the so-called “old teeth” is mainly due to periodontitis caused by loose teeth off, and the key cause of periodontitis is oral plaque microorganisms, whether suffering from teeth Zhou Yan has nothing to do with whether to do correction.
Misunderstanding 5: correct teeth must be hurt. The fear of pain so that many people do not dare to correct, in fact, correct teeth is not terrible, correct wearing the hoop is not “tight spell”. Nowadays, the development of orthodontic technology is becoming more and more prone to mild treatment. Many techniques can provide safe and comfortable correction, so that patients can not feel pain or only minor discomfort. Treatment, the teeth feel soreness and bite weakness is also a temporary phenomenon, and occasionally mucosal ulcers can produce pain, generally can be tolerated.
Misunderstanding 6: correction can only wear braces, affect the appearance. Today, the method of correcting teeth is flexible and diverse. The current mainstream technology is sticky teeth on the patient can not be removed from the fixed appliance that is commonly known as the braces, including metal braces and close to the teeth of the beautiful ceramic braces. In addition, there are placed on the inside of the tongue side of the tongue correction and patients can be free to wear the no brackets stealth treatment, the beauty does not have an impact. Patients can choose according to their own needs.
Misunderstanding 7: severe periodontitis can not be corrected. Severe periodontitis often has obvious pathological tooth displacement or loosening, but orthodontic treatment is also in the treatment of periodontal disease, the application of biological limits within the treatment will not only prevent the deterioration of periodontal disease, but will improve the condition. Untreated or controlled periodontitis can not be corrected, but stable periodontitis can.

Misunderstanding 8: dental correction can only solve the tooth problem. Correction can change the location of the teeth, is the so-called “lips and teeth dependency“, correct teeth can change the lips before and after the location, resulting in changes in soft tissue profile changes. In addition, changes in lips and teeth can also bring changes in smile aesthetics. Therefore, dental correction can not only solve the dental problems, to a large extent will bring the appearance of the United States.
Misunderstanding 9: dental correction affect the child growth and development. Some parents worry that a lot of diet during the correction will be taboo, and then will affect the child development. But in fact, dental correction of the diet is not absolutely taboo, the key is to pay attention to ways and means. Correction is alveolar bone remodeling process, the treatment results will be related to the growth and development of the upper and lower jaw, but the correction itself will not affect the growth of children’s height.
Misunderstanding 10: adults do not need to correct the teeth, because it will rebound. At the end of the tooth correction, there will be varying degrees of recurrence after a period of time, but the recurrence is irrelevant to the age at which the correction begins. In fact, the impact of adolescent growth and development on the stability of correction can not be ignored. Recurrence is inevitable, in the clinical professional orthodontist physicians through a variety of ways to reduce the degree of recurrence.