Prophylaxis for Patients:Hazards for Teeth


Caries is one of the most frequent types of infectious disease. Almost everyone is affected by it at least once in their lifetime. But not only caries is a hazard for teeth but also gingivitis and periodontitis. For all hazards prevention is the best protection: regular prophylaxis performed by your dentist as well as thorough care at home.


Caries begins with the extraction of minerals from the enamel by bacterial acids. To demonstrate this procedure, imagine that you dissolve for example lime scale (= minerals) in your kettle with acid. This reaction is expressively desired in this case, but not with regard to your teeth of course.  

If it is not detected at an early stage and treated, incipient caries can naturally continue to progress and destroy the dentine. Almost everyone is affected by caries at least once in their lifetime. Prevention in the form of regular prophylaxis by your dentist and thorough tooth care at home provides the best protection against caries.


If bacteria in our oral cavity combine with pathogenic bacteria to form a so-called biofilm (dental plaque, calculus), this could lead to caries and gingivitis.
A healthy gingiva is essential for the retention of teeth, therefore any dental plaque must be regularly removed.


Around 80 % of people above 35 years old suffer from gingivitis, an inflammation of the gingiva. The main cause is the formation of plaque, some soft bacterial deposits.

Good to know: you can protect yourself effectively. In addition to your daily tooth care, professional cleaning is a particularly good preventative technique. Gingivitis is often the stage preceding periodontitis.


Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tooth bed and tooth support structures, which should be taken seriously. You can minimise the risks with regular dental check-ups. As is often the case, also applies here: the earlier it is diagnosed, the more successfully it may be treated. This means that modern LASER fluorescence technology should be used. It offers optimum deposit detection, for the final, gentle cleaning.


Indications of gingival problems:

  • Gingival bleeding
  • Swelling of the gingiva
  • Dark red gingiva, sometimes brownish discolouration
  • Bad breath
  • Regression of gingiva
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Gingival pain and touch sensitivity


Modern periodontal-sensors, reliably sense all deposits which can cause periodontitis, with fluorescence technology. These days, deposits are eliminated during treatment with soft oscillations (KaVo SONICflex) or with laser treatment in a gentle and painless way.


Smokers run the risk of periodontitis which is three times higher than non-smokers and should pay even more attention to intensive dental care. Due to gentle professional tooth cleaning, smokers can calmly face regular visits to the dentist.