Prophylaxis for Patients : Children & Adolescent

Prophylaxis for Children and Adolescent

As soon as the first teeth appear, it is important to clean these every morning and evening in order to establish a teeth cleaning routine. To take the fear of the dentist from your child, you should give him/her time to get used to the practice team. Therefore, make a trial appointment with your dentist for your child.

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In the course of the trial appointment, your dentist will show your child the regions, which are predominantly susceptible to dental plaque, and the regions, which perhaps need not be brushed so thoroughly, with the aid of a dyeing tablet.

According to the findings, your child will then obtain instructions for the right dental care and can then remove the discolouration from the teeth under professional supervision.

You can also obtain such tooth dyeing tablets for home use from your pharmacist. You can use this to check what your child has learned regularly. The tooth dyeing tablets consist mainly of lactose, magnesium and food colouring and are completely harmless.

Motivate Your Children

Children can be motivated with colourful, toothbrushes, which are appealing to children.

If your child is able to brush its teeth alone, a fluoride toothpaste should be used. Children´s toothpastes offered by the industry are especially attuned to the requirements of the small teeth.

Always go to bed with clean teeth

This is especially important because the production of saliva in the mouth is very low at night and this can make teeth more susceptible to caries.

Prophylaxis Tip – Protecting teeth

If children consume acidic fruit, fruit juice or lemonade, they should wait at least 30 minutes before they clean their teeth or they should rinse their mouths with a fluoride mouthwash.

Prophylaxis for Adolescent

The individual prophylaxis is offered for children from the age of 6 and adolescents to the age of 17. The caries risk of the patient is determined. Further measures can be initiated on the basis of this finding.

As a rule, the individual prophylaxis includes:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • Local fluoridation
  • Motivation of the patient

Prophylaxis Tips for Wearers of Orthodontic Braces

  • Before you clean your teeth, rinse your mouth with water to gently remove any coarse food residues.
  • Brush the tooth surfaces above and below the bracket and below the treatment arch. Short-headed toothbrushes are suitable for this purpose.
  • Clean the occlusal surfaces and inside surfaces of the teeth in the usual way.
  • Interdental brushes should be used for critical points around the brackets. These areas must be cleaned from the top and from the bottom.
  • Clean interdental spaces with dental floss.