Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

Now people pay more and more attention to their own instruments in the beauty of skin care will spend a lot of time, some people have a perfect skin or will be troubled, because the teeth seem to become a yellow smile when more and more not confident The denshine’blog today with everyone to share the daily protection of the teeth of the method, hoping to let everyone once again bloom confident smile.

Fast Whitening Teeth Method One: Contains vinegar

Home vinegar (vinegar, white vinegar can, but can not be vinegar) in the mouth 1 minute to 3 minutes, and then spit, brush your teeth. The effect is very good! But the teeth will feel very sour, hemp (feeling will last about 2 minutes) can not be continuous, often do, about 2 months to do once, just fine. Otherwise the teeth are unfavorable, there is an emergency situation, you can emergency way (such as out before dating, found that teeth are good yellow), but also in addition to bad breath.

Fast Whitening Teeth Method 2: Contains lemon slices

After brushing the teeth with lemon slices (lemon juice can also be washed) in the water, covering the teeth, can have a good whitening effect, the principle of citric acid caused by the chemical reaction makes the tooth surface of the tartar and stain decomposition.

Fast whitening teeth method three: eat high-dimensional C with tropical fruits

Tropical fruit (fruit food) with high-dimensional C can maintain gingival health. Such as a serious lack of gums will become fragile, prone to disease, gingival swelling, bleeding, loose teeth or fall off and other symptoms.

Fast whitening teeth method four: strawberry teeth whitening paste

Preparation of materials: a strawberry, baking powder 1/3 teaspoon.

Straw the strawberries in a paste, mix well with the baking powder, apply the mixture evenly to the tooth surface with a soft toothbrush. After 5 minutes, brush the mixture with toothpaste and rinse the mouth.

Fast whitening teeth method five: eat more green apple

Eat green apples, if you want to prevent teeth coloring yellow, the most simple and effective way is to brush your teeth after each meal. At the same time, New York dentist Pia Lieb is recommended to lower sugar content of green apple as a snack food, the same can achieve brush teeth like tooth effect. This is because the green apple contains rich in cellulose and the amount of acid can remove dirt, so that teeth become white.

Fast whitening teeth method six: drink more cheese

Add the cheese to the weekly menu The ladies who love to drink red wine Please pay attention! Often drink red wine easily discolored. Want to change this situation, you can prepare some cheese on the table. Cheese contains calcium can form a layer of protective film on the surface of the teeth, protect the teeth from red wine coloring.

In addition to the above methods, what are the details of our daily life to keep whitening teeth?

Routine protection of the teeth of the method 1:

Use electric toothbrush to brush your teeth, spend 5 seconds on each tooth, three meals a day after 30 minutes to brush your teeth.

Routine protection of the teeth of the method 2:

After brushing teeth using floss, it can be very effective in removing the residual food in the teeth, to prevent tooth decay.

Routine protection of the teeth of the method 3:

Use metal spoon to clean your tongue. There are many bacteria on the tongue, cleaning it will help the oral health. Now some of the back of the toothbrush made rough surface, or brush directly with a toothbrush, can also be used to clean the tongue.

Routine protection of the teeth of the method 4:

When the tone is not clear, please rinse with mouthwash, not eat chewing gum.

Routine protection of the teeth of the method 5:

Do not use your teeth as a tool to open cans and bite hard objects. So as not to break or break my teeth.

Routine protection of teeth method 6:

Every six months to do a professional oral cleaning to prevent plaque formation (due to genetic factors). After each cleaning, the dentist will check the gums and all the teeth, and for the teeth may be teeth teeth X-ray film.

Routine protection of the teeth of the method 7: taking vitamin B to maintain a strong gum and teeth. Alternate use of different toothpaste. Every 3 months to replace a toothbrush, ultrasonic electric toothbrush every six months to replace a brush.
If you need tools to clean your teeth: