How to understand dental hygiene handpieces: The Definitive Guide

How to understand dental hygiene handpieces: The Definitive Guide
Dental High Speed E-generator LED Handpiece Standard Push Button 3 Water Spray Handpieces 2/4 Hole

★2/4-hole standard push button handpiece

★Three water Spray, the high efficiency cooling

★Unique electric generator, just a little air can generate sufficient power

★Professional LED light source, superior brightness, longevity 10000 hours

★With best quality cartridge, easier for cleaning.

dental equipment handpieces

In order to disinfect a clinical contact surface, it must first be cleaned of debris such as saliva,blood, exudate, bioburden, and then disinfected.

Sterilization of dental handpieces

The wipe-discard-wipe method is used to first wipe for cleaning debris

because these debris can interfere with the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

In a second pass, a new wipe is used to disinfect  sterilization of dental handpieces

dental lab handpieces

Technical Parameters

Chuck Type: Push Button

Operating Pressure:0.25MPa~0.3MPa

Air consumption:55L/min

Speed of generator:25000~30000rpm

Load speed:260,000rpm for tor torque head;350.000rpm for standard head

Chucking Power:20~45N

Sterilization by autoclave at (135°)


Packing List:

  Dental high speed handpiece: 1 each


Operation manual: 1each

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