How to Stop a Toothache and Get Out of Pain Fast

Natural Toothache Relief

Grab a Pillow: Keep your head elevated at all times. For sleep, stay elevated with a wedge-shaped pillow or by stacking several pillows. When you drop your head to the level of your heart, lying down, blood supply gradients to your head change making swelling worse and the pain worse.

Keep the Area Cold: Frozen peas or a plastic ziploc bag with half water and half ice works great as well. A wrap like this one lets you apply ice consistently to the area without having to hold it up to your face.

If you can’t take Advil (and many people can’t, so check with your doctor) there are several natural methods you can use to reduce the pain:

Salt Rinse: Rinse with my super saturated salt rinse. Here’s how you make it: Pour a glass of warm to hot water (boiling temperature not necessary) and slowly stir in either Himalayan or dead sea salt (here’s the one I use, I find it dissolves best if you get extra-fine grain) until you see salt crystals at the bottom that are no longer dissolving. Rinse with this solution 4-5 times daily to reduce inflammation and contract the tissues. This rinse is especially effective with gum pain and foreign body response to a poppy seed stuck in between the gums.

Inside each of your teeth, you have living tissue with an artery, vein, and nerve. These parts of the tooth parts give the tooth sensation to pressure, hot and cold, but also can get infected. Certain bacteria in your mouth excrete acids and bore their way through tooth enamel (the hard, white outer coating of teeth). Once bacteria get through enamel, they gain access to the inside structure, dentin—which is like a sponge with tubules, and the inside of the tooth responds to these invaders with inflammation.

Other causes of tooth pain:

  • Food getting stuck between your teeth, especially if your teeth have spaces in between them
  • Trauma to the tooth, including injury or grinding your teeth
  • A sinus infection that can be felt as pain in the teeth