How to become a successful dentist?

Just now,I browsed a post whose title is “What are the most important things that makes a dentist a great dentist?

Well,a funny and thought-provoking question. And the several answers are all simple,the best answer is below,answered by @ Endran Ratnasothy:

She told us the general matters to become a successful dentist,but it's not that detailed.Today let's talk about how to become a successful dentist.

Part I: The Preparation

If I had to go back and do the BDS once again this is what I'll do differently ..

  • I'll sit in the 1st row. Yeah, I know all your friends are back benchers but trust me your future self will thank you for this.
  • I'll study only standard books by international authors. They help you to understand the topic. Use Indian books only where necessary.
  • Instead of taking a nap I’ll study when I reach home from college. It'd be difficult, I agree, I'd be tired; but hey success demands sacrifices. First thing first. Do the work and then you can rest.
  • Ask yourself ‘why you are doing what you are doing?’. Whether you are making Hawley's Appliance or a Denture the ideal work is broken into various steps all of which have to be approved by a faculty before you move to the next step. Mistake students make is they don't try to fit the mechanical aspect of dentistry to the clinical aspect.
  • Never take the short cuts. Use rubber dam, prebuild class II cavities to Class I before starting endodontic treatment, always use matrix band for class II, do ideal cavity preparation/crown cutting exercises on jaws mounted on maniquine. Use proper instrument for everything. I know spoon excavators can be used to carrying GIC in the cavity but hey for god’s sake use plastic instruments.
  • It’s 2017. Use social media wisely. Following Salman khan is fine but there are superstars in dentistry too. Like their work and follow them. It’s win-win for both of you. It’ll change your perception about dentistry and inspire you to do epic stuff!
  • You are going to be a doctor not a technician. Act like one right from the start!

Part II: The Work

  • Ask yourself ‘who’s your ideal patient? Your strategy would depend whether your clinic is in the posh area or in a crowded alley in an old town. Selective work or bulk practice? Both have the potential to make you successful but you'll have to be clear to yourself and plan accordingly.
  • Comfortalble equipment.As the saying goes: One cannot make bricks without straw . A comfortable dental handpiece can always be your intimate “companion”,so don't ignore it please.You'd better choose the best quality for the dental equipment instead of price.
  • Location. Location. Location. Find the location where your ideal patients are.
  • Always do the right thing. Even if it means losing the patient. There’ll be temptations to take the short cuts, but never compromise. Look at the bigger picture. Build yourself a BRAND. It’ll take time.
  • In first few years focus on marketing. Again, you are in it for the long term. Build a wider base right from the start.
  • Focus on simple, everyday dentistry in the beginning. Don’t get all hung up on implants and full mouth rehabilitation just yet. They’ll come when your practice is mature enough. Till then do simple things better.
  • Last but not the least, treat everyone like a family!

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