Handpiece repairing or replacing, which is better?

Keeping your dental equipment in good working order is important. Handpieces that don't work correctly not only frustrate you, but it's bad business that can turn off your patients. Unfortunately, dental handpieces don't last forever, and at some point, they're going to give you trouble.

You have two options.

You can repair your dental handpieces or you can replace them when they have a problem. Which option is the right one for your dental practice? In most cases, certified handpiece repair makes the most sense, and here's a look at some of the benefits of choosing this option.

handpiece repairing or repalcing

Benefit #1 – You'll Save Money

One of the main benefits of choosing to repair your dental handpieces instead of replacing them is the savings you'll enjoy. Purchasing new handpieces is very expensive, and if you’re constantly having to buy new equipment for your dental practice, it will quickly begin to eat into your bottom line. Repairs are reasonably priced and they come with warranties as well, so you get your handpieces back quickly without the huge investment that comes with making new purchases.

Benefit #2 – You'll Save the Environment

Choosing dental handpiece repair is an environmentally friendly choice as well. Instead of replacing handpieces and throwing old ones away, you’ll keep things out of landfills by repairing the ones you already have. Many customers today find good environmental practices important when they are choosing a business. Showing patients that you make environmentally friendly choices can help your business as well as the environment.


Benefit #3 – You'll Get Fast Service

When you work with Hughes Dental Repair, you'll get fast service. We offer repairs for every brand of air, surgical, low speed, high speed, and electric handpieces. All you have to do is ship in your handpiece and it will be repaired and shipped back to you quickly so you can begin using it with confidence again. Ordering new handpieces can take time. Repairs don’t take long and their significantly cheaper than buying new equipment, making them a winning solution when you begin having problems with your handpieces.

Don't throw away your money on brand new dental handpieces when your current ones can simply be repaired. Choosing to go with repairs will save you money while reducing your practice's impact on the environment.

Of course, if the cost of repairing is too high, replacing may be the best choice, so you have to keep it in context. The best solution is to choose a high quality handpice when purchasing, and it's better if the seller have the warranty of after-sale. Denshine is a good choice, we offer the high cost-effective handpiece and 2-year warranty. So what are you wating for? Go and have a look!