Extend the Service Life of Your Dental Handpieces

Learn From Our Tips and Increase Your Instrument's Life

Denshine found out that more than 50% of all reparations received are caused by improper cleaning and care. In these cases, unnecessary repair costs arise due to the premature failure of your dental instruments. This failure could have been prevented with good care and cleaning. Therefore, we added important facts and createt a series of posts for prolonging the service life of your rotating handpieces from Denshine. We will share these tips and facts with you in the next few weeks. At the end of our series we will provide you a compact manual with all tips and tricks which you can download.

Dental handpieces are exposed to very high loads in the course of your daily routine. For example:

  • Speeds of up to 400,000 rpm, equivalent to 720 km/h at the outer diameter of the turbine rotor
  • High performance and strong contract pressure
  • High cutting rates

It is indispensable to service your dental handpieces regularly and properly because saliva, blood or dental substance which reach the inside of the handpieces can generate wear and tear. Furthermore, malfunctions can arise from incorrect operation and care, damage from dropping and impact.



If you need a spare part for your instrument, please use only an original one. Non-original or forged spare parts cause damage to the product and associated risks. Moreover, your warranty becomes void.



Advantages of original spare parts

  • Long service life based on service life tests and continuous improvements by Denshine
  • Optimum safety for your patient

If you do not use original Denshine spare parts, you work with a medical device which is no longer approved by Denshine. As a consequence, the spare parts manufacturer or you become the manufacturer of the medical device. Furthermore, there have been cases of accidents at dental practices due to forged spare parts.


For a long service life of your dental instrument, you need to comply with the labels on the handpieces.

sterilisation symbolthermal disinfection symbol

Please note that only instruments marked with the sterilization or thermal disinfection symbol may be reprocessed in the washer disinfector (RDG) or sterilized in the steam sterilizer.

We want that you can enjoy a long durability of your dental instruments from KaVo. For a failure-free, efficient and safe work with your dental handpieces the correct cleaning and care of your instruments are indispensable.