Does your Dental Practice Engage in Effective Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a powerful solution in opening the line of communication. Using social media connects you to all potential patients. Each platform can serve a different purpose and target a variety of demographics. In the dental profession, you have no need for Snapchat or Tumblr… utilize the more informational formats such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

While planning on how to effectively use social media marketing, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  1. Establish your target audience and use relevant marketing in terms of content, imagery, and information. In order to find your target audience, you want to think about who your biggest customers are and what age range they fall under. Once you’ve established this, you want to utilize social media with content, imagery, and information that will appeal to your target audience. This can be done by announcing giveaways and sharing information that your audience will care about or that will impact them.
  1. Ask intriguing questions in your posts. One of the best ways to improve engagement with your audience is to ask questions. Not every question you ask needs to be about your company. Getting people to talk about various types of things may result in your audience tagging their friends, which in the end will give your company more exposure.
  1. Take advantage of updated functionality within various social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are constantly updating their websites, putting new features into their applications. For example, Facebook and Instagram now have a live feature for their users. This is a great tool to utilize for your company. Offering a giveaway on the live feature or talking about a recent product or service launch will help your company get more recognition and activity.
  1. Make sure that your social media pages have complete information regarding your dental practice (web address, logo, phone number, etc). It is important to keep updated information on your social media profile so anyone who is looking at your company has the correct information. Keeping an updated profile will help with the consistency of your company and the reputation it holds.
  1. Add share buttons to your website. You want to take advantage of every tool you have to help your company keep growing. By adding share buttons, you will encourage readers to share it with their friends, especially if there is important information or information that will benefit them. The more customer-related information you put out there, the more inclined they will feel to share it. People only start to care about your company if you have something to offer or benefit them. Keep that in mind when you add blog posts and other information to your website.
  1. Monitor available analytics or statistics for your social pages. Facebook has a free analytics tool that is available to any admin of a company page after they receive 30 followers. This tool can show you how engaged your followers are with your posts and which posts are more engaging. This can show you what kind of content your audience likes to read about. This tool will also provide you with an audience analysis including the demographic and location of your audience. This is a very useful tool to help you understand your audience and make more content that will encourage more engagement.
  1. Boost important posts to reach a wider audience. The audience you have now is important, but you also want to strive to reach a wider audience. Facebook has a robust advertising platform that allows you to pay money to boost your post to a wider audience. This shows your post to profiles you target based on a variety of different criteria that you can choose from, helping your company boost brand awareness by reaching your target audience and increasing conversion.

By the way, don’t forget to check out this helpful article from Forbes magazine that contains a variety of social media marketing tools!