Do you consider these items when purchasing dental stomatologic instruments for your clinic?

        As known to all,the equipment management of dental clinic for every dentist is a pretty meaningful step in opening practice.Whatever re-engineering an old clinic or establish a new dental clinic,it’s necessary to legitimately purchase the oral equipment and create an efficient,comfortable,quiet and user-friendly environment,which would help to healthly develop your dental clinic.Meanwhile,it’s not that easy for a dentist to choose and replace the dental equipment.And today professor Lee will introduce the attentions and thinking when purchasing the dental equipment.

1.Probation and comparison of oral equipment       

The object for dental instruments is the patient,it’s not the normal life supplies so that the using and maintenance for it have a higher technical content. That’s why some manufacturers refuse to sell these products to a physician who never participate in a professional training.Nowadays,more and more manufacturers and distributors invite some experts to organize the professional classes and practical training courses to introduce their technology and products,which is a pretty good promotion form. It is unrealistic for the organizers (or sponsors) to get rid of the economic interests altogether. But the responsible physician in their own fellow to introduce a technology and products, will not only talk about its superiority and benefits, deliberately avoid their shortcomings and precautions.

There are many manufacturers now to produce the same material,especially for the cement, impression material and bonding agent which will be frequently used by you dentists. Before using,as a menager you must firstly clear if it has the qualification proof to be bought in by dental clinic,but also you have to understand the materials’ performance,effect of clinical use and price.Meanwhile,you need to carefully listen to the product introduce by manufacturers,at same time,please compare the instruction with the similar products’ to find the special performance and characteristic to check if it’s suitable for the dental clinical’s need.Secondly,you need to keep a probation period to ensure the clinical using effect by the reaction of doctor,nurse and patiences.Finally,please compare the price with the similar items,if the effect and performance is similar,please choose the CHEAPER one to save your money.

2.  Properly Look-ahead

New equipment is an important symbol of modern dental clinics, in the past decade, technology miraculously changed the world. The technology revolution also affects dental clinics,which includes management software,in-mouth cameras, digitized radiographs, laser, computerized probes, CAD / CAM repair manufacturing systems, plastic surgery, improved dental products, and numerous other innovations.

The most hesitant thing is for the configuration of equipment function when purchasing the dental instruments.The dental comprehensive treatment is fast so it’s not practical to settle a matter at one go.In the condition of ecomomit permitting, obtaining some superior performance, full-featured, relatively high grade equipment as far as possible to reduce the operation time and physician’s labour intensity so that the efficiency will be improved and the medical quality will be ensured.

Adding sophisticated equipment is also the powerful “selling point” for dental clinics to external propaganda.For example,importing the handpiece sterilizing equipment, Panoramic dental tablet machine,dental implant instrument, oral cavity endoscope smart camera,etc.So if possible, appropriate advance investment is worth considering.

When new patients come to the clinic,the nurse will lead them(except the emergency patients) to visit and intruce the design decoration, separation layout, equipment and equipment, not only to let them understand the concept and level of oral clinic, but also to understand the patient’s psychological characteristics, Needs and desires. In this way, when the stomatologist introduces the treatment plan then talking about digital X-ray machines, Periolase laser machines, CEREC’s CAD / CAM technology, the patient will feel more image and cordial

In the market,oral medical oral medical equipment can be divided into 3 stages:mature, development and  new invention.You’d better not so conservative when purchasing them.If you just purchase them when the items are well known ,you may miss opportunity to develop the further market,to attract more patients and to enhance the patient’s awareness.

3.Pay attention to maintenance

Using and maintenancing the oral medical equipment not only relates to the normal operation and equipment functions,but also influences the equipemts’ life and operational safety directly. So you need to notice that the equipment and materials should have the medical device product registration certificate and registration form which are issued by government,it’s the important sign for the pduduct quality.And you must take part in the relevant training courses provided by the manufacturer to learn to use as soon as possible;meanwhile,it’s important to blend the whole team into the practice of new technology. Equipment maintenance is also very important,you need to understand the feasibility of warranty and if they are really able to warrant,including the maintenance of technical strength, maintaining rapid response , Maintenance accessories supply situation.At the same time,checking whether there is a special maintenance department in the local and surrounding areas is necessary.You’e better organise the relevant personnel to learn all the oral medical equipment and equipment maintenance and necessary maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment to extend the service life.If the equipment can be maintenanced well,the using life can reach 5-10 years.

Anyway,it’s a very rigorous and important matter to select the right dental equipment,our website shows all kinds of devices for dentist like you,you can click on to find something that you may need.Thanks for your reading!