6 little common sense protect your oral health

6 little common sense protect your oral health

1, what kind of toothbrush is good?

Should choose straight three rows, horizontal six beams,6 little common sense protect your oral health brush small, bristles soft, bristles at the end of round health care toothbrush, in the mouth of the operation freely, the teeth of the corner is easier to brush to. Toothbrush use period to 2 to 3 months for better.

2, master the correct brushing method1

First, the intensity of brushing can not be too much, some people use violent way to brush your teeth, causing oral gingival atrophy, tooth neck wear, the phenomenon of hot and cold pain. Brush the teeth mainly brush the teeth of several faces.

Brush the outside: the toothbrush brush on the edge of the teeth and gingival was 45 degrees angle, gently back and forth brush, and then the toothbrush along the teeth brush, teeth from the top down brush, lower teeth brush from bottom to bottom;

Brush the inside: the same way to brush the inside of each tooth; brush bite face: the toothbrush flat, back and forth brush chewing food teeth (bite face), it is best to brush the tongue.

3, the number of times to brush your teeth should be several times as well

In fact, the number of brushing can only increase, but can not be reduced, after a meal and a total of four times before going to bed, the best after each meal brushing, mouthwash can not replace brushing, can not remove plaque.

4, what kind of toothpaste to use good

Toothpaste contains a friction agent, friction particles small, the quality is relatively good, the market sales of toothpaste quality and its price in parallel, should use fluoride toothpaste, but not long-term use of a brand of toothpaste.

to learn to use floss and teeth brush

5, to learn to use floss and teeth brush

Dental floss is generally divided into two kinds of waxy and non-wax, floss and tooth brush in the meal after use, should be under the guidance of the correct operation of the dentist, tooth brush for the teeth of large people, dental floss Soft and flexible as well.

6, on the mouthwash

Mouthwash for gingival swelling, bleeding patients more useful, but the calculus, periodontal bone damage, calculus patients do not have any effect, our proposal is not long-term use of mouthwash.

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