Whether if Dental Loupes Would Influence dentists’ cervical health?

As is known to all,dental loupes could augment the oral cavity in dentistry,which will benefit the dentists’ career longevity.However, dentists must realise that everything has two sides,if you couldn’t wear it with the right degree and position,it will be a disaster to your cervical health then.

Of all the standards for choosing loupes ( viewing field,frame size&material, working distance, declination angle, co-axial modulation), declination angle is no doubt the most fatal ergonomic element which could affect your health.


Consider that working with the neck flexed forward only 20 degrees or more for 70 percent of the working time has been associated with neck pain. While no loupe systems provide completely neutral head posture (ear-over-shoulder), loupes with a steep declination angle may significantly improve operator working postures in dentistry, thereby lessening risk of musculoskeletal disorders and improving clinician comfort. Therefore, to prevent musculoskeletal injury, loupes should enable you to work with less than 20 degrees of forward head posture.

Declination angle

 The angle that your eyes are inclined downward toward the work area is the declination angle. (page. 1) This angle should be steep enough to help you attain a comfortable working position with minimal forward head posture. To stay within this safe head posture requires a loupe with a steep declination—from 40 to 50 degrees. Vertically adjustable flip-up loupes are the only option on the market that I have seen that consistently keep operators within this safe head posture.

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Many team members opt for through-the-lens loupes, which typically cannot achieve greater than a 30-degree declination angle, and very often force the operator into unsafe forward head postures. Among my dental students, I have repeatedly measured the declination angle of TTL loupes that were promised to have a declination angle of 40-45 degrees, only to discover they had only a 20-25 degree declination angle. (pages. 2-3) 

In the past, many female dentists and hygienists have steered clear of flip-up loupes due to the heavier weight. With the new ultra-light weight flip-ups on the market today, weight is a no longer an issue. Sales reps often dissuade customers from purchasing flip-up loupes, saying they can come out of adjustment. Yes, if you sit on them or run over them with you chair, you may need to readjust them. However, if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for adjustment and securely tighten the hinges with the enclosed wrench, they should stay adjusted for quite a long time.

When selecting the dental loupes,always remember that the scope position is vital.Only if you work as the normative operation,will the loupes take the best role.And  of course, your cervical health gonna get the greatest insurance in this way.


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