The side effects of light curing resin in dental prosthesis

The light curing resin is a kind of filling method which uses the light curing resin. UV curable resin is composed of resin monomer and prepolymer, containing active functional group, which can initiate polymerization reaction by photosensitizer under UV irradiation, resulting in materials with good flexibility, wear resistance and certain compressive strength. However, this kind of resin has phototropism, and now it can only be directly filled in the mouth, and the light source only comes from one direction, which will inevitably cause the resin at the bottom of the hole and the wall of the hole to aggregate less than the surface, so that there will be a gap at the junction of the teeth at the bottom of the hole. According to the different situation of patients, the process of filling teeth with light curing resin is also different. That is to say, the repair of teeth is different from each other, the front teeth have holes, the back teeth have holes, and the front and rear teeth have holes. The type and size of holes are different from each other. Different types of situations, the repair difficulty and methods are also different. It can be sure that they are all for the defect parts.

As we all know, the filling of teeth is to make things outside the teeth fused into their own teeth, so it will have a slight rejection. Just after the filling, the discomfort is normal, and it needs a few days of adaptation and recovery In addition, there seems to be no big difference between your own teeth and your own teeth, but there are still some differences in essence. We must pay attention to the food, do not eat too hard, too cold, too hot food, the teeth after the repair are particularly sensitive, so you will feel uncomfortable, try not to eat sweet, harmful substances to your teeth.

It can be seen that the light curing resin is made up of many advantages, which makes people's teeth more beautiful and more confident in communication, so it has been widely used. But this way brings convenience and also has some side effects. We should pay attention to the protection of our newly mended teeth. In terms of diet, we should not be willful. I hope you can do this for your teeth.