Several Dental Loupes that Are Suitable for Dentists and Students

For dental and medical professionals, best practice requires creating the correct levels of magnification and the optimum lighting environments for clinical procedures.

Dental and medical treatments demand a high level of concentration and can be exhausting, especially for dental loupes. Reduced vision and insufficient lighting can result in high levels of fatigue and can compromise working posture. Denshine‘s extensive range of loupes and lighting provide solutions for everyone, reducing back and neck strain, making life easier on the eyes.

Magnification is not just for people with deteriorating eyesight ! Loupes and Microscopes allow you to see much more detail enabling you to observe and treat cases that you may not have been able to see with the naked eye.

Each pair of dental loupes are custom made to the measurements of the wearer, including interpupiliar distance, width of the face, height of the pupils and the length of the ear pieces. This ensures they are the most comfortable fit with optimum performance, working distance and field of vision. These loupes are available in Galilean TTL (through the lens), Flip-up, Prismatic and prism enhanced.

Here’re several dental loupes that are recommended to you dentists.

Dental loupes with light:sku189278

  • Comfortable Headband design distributes weight and lessons pressure that can cause discomfort and headaches.
  • Ultra-wide field of view without distortion keeps your eyes from getting tired.
  • Galilean Optics system offers extra wide field of view with clear vision throughout.
  • Unique optical coating reduces reflection and improves image clarity.


  • Maginification:3.5x
  • Working distance:280-380 mm
  • Field of View:60 mm
  • Material of lens-barrel: plastic and optic glass
  • Headband with Leather
  • Color of lens-barrel: white
  • Frame: headband mounted
  • Optical system: Compound Optics
  • LED Light
  • Power: 5W
  • Light Intensity :65000lux
  • Lifetime of led :20000h
  • Spot size(420mm) :1-9mm
  • Working time : ≥6h
  • Charging time :4h
  • Input : AC100-240V/50-60Hz


  • Recommended for first time users and it is the easiest loupe to adjust to.
  • It is the most popular model among dental students and dental hygienists.
  • It has wide field of view and generous depth of field with high enough power for daily dental procedures.
  • Ultra Light Weight (75.0 grams)
  • One Step Pupillary Adjustment
  • Convenient 420mm Working Distance


Magnification:          2.5X
Working distance:    420mm
Depth of field:          80mm
Field of View:         60mm
Weight:                     52g
Frames:                     ABS+PC


  • Ultra Light Weight (75.0 grams)
  • One Step Pupillary Adjustment
  • Convenient 420mm Working Distance
  • Adjustable Angular Viewing
  • Large Depth of Field
  • Easy Convergence Settings
  • Safety Soft Touch Frame
  • Flip-up Design
  • Large Field of View   


Magnification:               3.5X
Working distance:         420mm
Depth of field:               80mm
Field of View:                60mm
Weight:                         52g
Frames:                         Ni-alloy or Titanium


  • Magnification: 3.5X
  • Working distance:   320mm
  • Depth of field: 80mm
  • Field of View: 60mm
  • Weight: 52g
  • Frames: Ni-alloy or Titanium


  • Magnification:    3.5X
  • Working distance:  420mm
  • Depth of field:   80mm
  • Field of View:    60mm
  • Weight: 52g
  • Frames:  Ni-alloy or Titanium

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