Nine Maintenance Classifications of the Dental Equipment

Dental equipment is an integral part of medical technology and equipment,it’s the generic terms about specialized in producing and(or) offering the dental clinical and (or) its related operational steps during using of the equipment,machinery and accessoried to the qualified person

The maintenance of dental equipment is a professional work,firstly you need to understand the mechanical capacity about this equipment,and you should consider from a physical point,then you can “diagnose” it effectivily and then maintain it.

Dental Equipment Category:
1) Dental diagnostic equipment:
Root canal length meter, dental pulp test

2) Dental disinfection equipment:
Thermostat oven, high temperature and high pressure steam disinfection furnace, high temperature disinfection dryer, ultraviolet and ozone irradiation lights, ultrasonic cleaner, dental mobile phone sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaner, electric thermostat, mobile phone cleaning oiling machine

3) dental imaging equipment:
Magnifying glass, microscope, micro-oral camera, oral endoscopic digital camera

4) dental treatment equipment:
Light curing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, powder cleaning machine, silver mercury tuning machine, root canal expansion device

5) dental comprehensive treatment equipment:
Dental treatment chair, automatic dental treatment desk, turbo phone, various power air compressors, physician seats, nurses’ seats, desktop electric drill rig, miniature electric dental drill, pneumatic dental drill, built-in or stand-alone negative Pressure suction sewage device

6) dental implant equipment:
Dental machine, implant denture, implant, planting machine, nail machine, take mold machine

7) dental laser equipment:
Low power laser machine, water laser system, tooth whitening laser system, oral laser comprehensive treatment instrument

8) dental X-ray equipment:
Mouth machine, head bit measuring instrument, curved surface X-ray machine, automatic washing machine, automatic washing machine, X-ray film machine, dental CT machine

9) Dental technician equipment:
Technician electric drill, mechanic workstations, press machine, mechanic oscillator, irrigation mode shock machine. Polishing machine, polishing machine, polishing machine, polishing machine, centrifugal casting machine, polishing machine, polishing machine, polishing machine, grinding machine , High-frequency centrifugal casting machine, vacuum casting machine, vacuum embedding machine, sandblasting machine, waxing cooker, steam cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, electric welding machine, box resistance furnace, gypsum model finishing machine, Metal cutting and polishing machine, electric saw, model forming machine, gypsum model finishing machine, electric heating machine, mechanic electric phone, electronic welding machine, finishing by the desktop dental spot welding machine, electric welding machine, laser spot welding Machine, laser welding machine Dental equipment constantly updated, the product to stabilize, durable, safe, multi-functional, high speed and miniaturization, the structure is also toward the direction of the development of modular, so that it is fully functional, reasonable equipment, Reduce the cost of equipment, easy maintenance and repair, shorten the treatment time, improve working conditions, reduce the pain of dental patients and reduce the intensity of oral labor intensity.

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